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Good Kisser Lipstick

$16.00 USD
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Designer Brands

Magenta Magic Lipstick

$8.80 AUD
Designer Brands Magenta Magic Lipstick

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  • Designer Brands Magenta Magic Lipstick

Top 1 Rated Dupes

All Dupes
  • Designer Brands Magenta Magic Lipstick

Reviews for #1: Magenta Magic Lipstick

  • epants
    epants - 04/12/2014 Good Kisser is matte, whereas Magenta Magic is more of a good payout creme-sheen or satin. Magenta Magic doesn't last as long because of it's glossiness. Magenta Magic smells like nothing, although there is a faint plastic like smell, but it is not very noticeable. Good Kisser has the usual Mac vanilla smell. Packaging wise, Magenta Magic is terrible. It is bulky and square, and my one in particular came loose from the bottom, causing the whole coloured part of the package to move when I shake it. That being said, I have other Designer Brand lipsticks that did not have this problem, and they work fine. Mac is sturdy and small. They are nearly exactly the same shade, with Mac being slightly on the pinker side , and although they don't have the same finish, if you really like this shade, it's worth getting the DB brand if you're on a budget, and especially because the Mac is limited edition. I originally wanted to buy Impassioned by Mac, but the store I went to didn't have it in stock, so Good Kisser was my alternative. So if you can't find Good Kisser but want Mac, I'd recommend Impassioned or maybe Girl About Town.