MAC Russian Red vs Peri's Tint Crayon Dupe Review

February 20, 2016 Amanda Koker Dupe Reviews 0

When I first started collecting MAC makeup, I promised myself I wouldn't fall for the almost $30 per lipstick price tag here in Korea. I would save my money and buy them when I was back in South Africa or visiting the USA, but at the same time I couldn't deny the fact that the entire blogging community went nuts over these lipsticks, and I found myself intrigued. The perfect little bullet shaped tubes in sleek shimmery black... Agh!

When I had collected my first 6 empty MAC containers, I rushed off to the closest MAC counter and picked up Russian Red for free on Back to MAC. It was the first lipstick on my ever growing, extensive wish list.

It wasn't soon after that I discovered that my Peripera Peri's Tint Crayon AD in #1 that I never really understood to be a matte lipstick, truly is an exact dupe of MAC Russian Red. While it is considered a tint, it has the consistency, staying power and colour pay off of a high end matte lipstick, and it only retails for the equivalent of $10. Now that's already a significant price difference to the $17 you'd pay in the USA, but considering that I would've paid $27 for it had I not gotten it on back to MAC, it's well worth looking into.

Here is the swatch comparison: with Mac Russian Red at the left and Peri's Tint Crayon AD #1 at the right.

Get Peri's Tint Crayon AD #1 here.

Peri's Tint Crayon AD #1 is a tiny bit more cool toned than Mac's Russian Red while swatched on the hand, but on the lips there is no decernable difference.

I would give Peripera Peri's Tint Crayon AD at least 4 and a half out of 5 with dupability, quality and longevity compared to Mac Russian Red.

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