MAC House Wine vs Etude House Weird Beige Dupe Review

March 06, 2016 Amanda Koker Dupe Reviews 0

Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons,

I was so disappointed to find out this past weekend that MAC has discontinued their amazing and much loved lipstick called House Wine. It reminds me of Amy Winehouse by the name and the colour, and it makes me sad that she's gone, so it's a real bummer that MAC decided to get rid of it. 

So I thought: we could either try and buy as many as we can for back up, sign a petition, or try and find something that is so similar (a dupe!) that we won't miss it. I went through my stash of lipsticks and found an almost perfect dupe amongst my Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk collection. Luckily Etude House is very good at keeping awesome lipsticks in their permanent range permanently, so we don't have to worry about it being discontinued. The shade that we are looking at is BE 104 (묘한베이지) Weird Beige. 

Below are the two lipsticks side by side. Etude House is known for their ornate, princess themed packaging which makes it even more exciting to have one of these in your collection.

Here is a picture of the two swatched on my arm, with House Wine at the top and Weird Beige at the bottom. 

And here are the lip swatches: 

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Note that Weird Beige has a slightly more pinkish tone.

Etude House is also known for its good quality products and I can definitely vouch for that. Their lipsticks are very moisturising and long lasting. The colour pay off is amazing and at only $11.10 a piece, you can't go wrong. I'd give Weird Beige 4.5 out of 5 in similarity to House Wine because of it being slightly more pink toned on the lips. It also smells of rose turkish delights as compared to the famous vanilla scent of all MAC lipsticks, but the smell isn't overwhelming once it's on the lips. I also usually get a sore throat whenever I wear a low quality lipstick. That's not the case with any of the Etude House lipsticks that I have used. 

Lots of love 

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