MAC Chatterbox vs NYX Fig Dupe Review

July 19, 2015 Lucy Dupe Reviews 0

I remember walking into the MAC store in New York city. This was during a Christmas holiday with friends, we were all very excited as the AUD/USD exchange rate was great at the time. The prices for MAC makeup in Australia were at least double of the USD prices. I had came prepared with a list of MAC products I wanted to buy, including the studio fix spray, some brushes and other products.

As I came to the lipstick section I was overwhelmed with choice. I don't know the total number of shades they had, but boy there were a lot of colours to choose from! All I wanted was a cute pink lipstick. After looking at every pink shade I finally decided to purchase Chatterbox. MAC Chatterbox is an adorable shade of pink, it's bright and not too light but enough to be a warm pretty pink.

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to MAC Chatterbox, the dupe I would recommend is NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Fig. I'd rate the overall dupe's similarity 4 out of 5.

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The left swatch is NYX Fig and the right swatch is MAC Chatterbox. Swatched side by side, I'd say they're almost exactly the same shade.

On the lips NYX Fig is a little more brighter and warmer toned than Chatterbox.

To be honest the difference in shade is not that noticeable to me. NYX Fig and MAC Chatterbox are both creamy matte lipsticks with a lovely shade of pink, perfect for a cute girly look. The price gap is quite big with MAC Chatterbox retailing for $16 USD ($36 AUD) and NYX Fig for $4 USD ($12.95 AUD). It's so much cheaper, and well worth the price.

I think NYX Fig is a great dupe and I definitely recommend it if you're looking for something similar to Chatterbox but don't feel like spending a lot.

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