Here’s Every Single Makeup Dupe on the Internet

January 21, 2015 Meenakshi Dupe Up Updates 0

Here’s Every Single Makeup Dupe on the Internet

There always seem to be so many new raved-about MAC lipsticks and trending NARS blushes that you just can’t wait to try. The plethora of how-to videos on Kim Kardashian’s latest makeup do’s and those artsy blogs on innovative ways to accentuate your features really get your creative juices flowing!

After spending hours surfing online you now have a whole heap of exciting new looks to try and products to buy. You’re all fired up and you look down at your tiny wallet - the corner of a ten dollar bill pokes out and spare change jiggle. Is it time to bid adieu to your makeup addiction? Perhaps.

Perhaps you’ve just found the pot of gold at the end of the makeup rainbow - good quality drugstore products that match the richness, texture, color, feel, and smell of expensive high end makeup.

These cheaper alternatives, called “dupes”, are all over the internet today. There are a million reddit threads, pins, videos, articles, and swatches out there that, if you’re diligent enough, you will dig up through a google search.

But what if you didn’t have to cross the seven seas of crappy eyeliners, dodge the sandy  dunes of crumbly eyeshadow, and sacrifice a make up virgin to find the perfect dupe? What if it were as easy as typing in a product name and seeing all of its popular dupes with authentic user reviews and an average rating based on these reviews? A master list of every single make up dupe ever discovered? That would save you a whole heap of time and money!

Enter Dupe Up - we saw, we built, and we served. We built this platform with a single most crucial purpose in mind - to give you quick access to makeup dupes and keep your wallet happy. We’re bridging the gap between discovering and sharing great dupes, creating a grand list of master dupes all in one place.

In fact, Dupe Up gives you more than just a plain old list of makeup and dupes.

Here’s what you can do at Dupe Up!

  • 1. Find Makeup Dupes

    Find makeup dupes for your favorite product and browse through its dupes.

  • 2. Share your Dupe knowledge

    Share your latest dupe discoveries with our community.

  • 3. Read Dupe Reviews

    Read reviews left for each dupe by makeup enthusiasts and see which dupes are good and which aren’t! Check out the popular NARS Orgasm Dupes and compare dupe reviews.

  • 4. Become a Top Reviewer

    Rise up to our front page top reviewers section by leaving content-rich reviews on dupes that you have tried and love.

  • 5. Request Dupes

    Can’t find your favourite makeup product? Request your product and get it listed to find potential dupes.

At the end of the day we’re just two girls that built a website to make it a whole lot easier for you lovely girls and women to find makeup dupes. Dupe Up is not just a growing list of makeup dupes, we’re a growing community. We want to make your experience as seamless as possible so come say Hi and let us know your feedback on the website!

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