Halloween Stitched Kitten Makeup with 7 products!

October 29, 2016 Meenakshi Makeup Looks 0

We as makeup lovers are always looking to experiment and try on new looks, but it’s events like Halloween when you can really let the walls of makeup conformities down and go nuts!

I’m a huge fan of abstract and dramatic makeup but I decided to go light for my first Halloween experiment on Lucy.

Here’s the finished makeup on her. Look at that sexy kitten! 

You will need:

Exact name of products used are in brackets.

- Brown eyebrow pencil (The Face Shop Eyebrow pencil in Brown)
- Black eyeliner pencil (NYX Slim Eye Pencil in Black)
- Black liquid eyeliner (Dolly Wink Koji Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black)
- Brown liquid eyeliner (Clio Water Kill Pen liner in Kill Brown)
- White eyeliner (Etude House Styling Eyeliner in White)
- Red Lipstick (Australis Colour Inject Lipstick in Jitterbug)
- Bronzer (Stila Custom Colour Blush Self Adjusting Bronze)

Here’s how I went about creating the look:

1. Foundation

Set your face up with moisturiser, primer, and foundation as you normally would.

2. Paper Sketch

Drawing inspiration from Google images, I came up with a rough sketch of what I wanted to create:

3. Tracing shapes

Next, I traced the eyes and nose out on her face using a brown eyeliner pencil.

Using a light brown pencil for tracing is really helpful because you might find yourself wanting to erase and redraw as I did, and this particular pencil came off nicely with a tissue or cotton bud rub.

Don't worry about the double lines as they'll be filled over with a rich black colour later on.

4. Filling in the eyes

Once I was done fidgeting and was happy with the shape, I filled in the eyes lighthandedly with a black pencil first, and then with a dark black gel eyeliner to really put that strong dark punch in. 

I liked the unexpected gradient from dark to light black on the left eye so I left it, but as you'll see later I ended up filling it with a very subtle striped pattern.

5. Filling in the nose and adding colour

Now, in my head I had a really vibrant colour sharply lining either ends of the eye to make it pop, but alas none of the eyeshadows that we had looked pigmented enough, so I settled for a red lipstick instead. I also used a very light white liner on the curves opposite the red, but it’s barely visible in this step image.

6. Lipstick

Next, it was time for the lips! We used this lovely bright red lipstick to offset the deep black eye makeup.

Instead of the red you could go for coral, orange, pink, or a lovely vibrant green or blue if you're feeling bold.

At this point I was pretty happy about how the elements turned out for my first halloween experiment!

7. Lip detailing

With the a brown liquid eyeliner I traced out the branches on her lips and progressively drew them out about halfway through her cheek, just gently touching the brown contour line I drew out from her cheek bones

Here’s what we have so far! 

8. Touch Up

My final steps were to basically notch up the vibrancy and intensity by making the blacks darker, the whites shinier, and the colours richer. 


I hope you like how this turned out, I had a lot of fun creating it. Did you have your own makeup experiment this Halloween? Show us in the comments section below, we'd love to see them!

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