Halloween Double Face Makeup with 7 products!

October 26, 2016 Lucy Makeup Looks 0

Hi Dupers! Are you guys ready for Halloween 2016? Meena and I practised our makeup skills on each other for this Halloween. The look I attempted on Meena was a double face look that creates a 'double vision' illusion of your face. The original double face makeup look was started by an amazing Youtube makeup artist, Promised Phan, in 2015. This look is quite advanced and difficult (she even glued on falsies!), so I tempted to do a simpler version with 7 drugstore products. It turned out better than I expected and we had fun a lot of fun :)

You will need:

Exact name of products used are in brackets.

- Brown eyebrow pencil (The Face Shop Eyebrow pencil in Brown)
- Black gel or liquid eyeliner (Maybelline Eye studio Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black)
- White face powder or eyeshadow (Etude House Face Designing Brightener in Lovely Face)
- Brown gel or liquid eyeliner (Style Nanda 3CE Gel Eyeliner in Glitter Red Bean)
- Your desired lipstick colour + 1 shade lighter (Models Prefer lipsticks in shade Marrakech and Berlin)

1. Foundation/eye routine

Do your regular foundation and eye routine (Meena did her regular top eyeliner). This step is optional.

2. Rough outlines

Using the brown eyebrow pencil, start drawing a rough outline of your eye. Make sure to start the inner corner of your eye shape, right next to your nose. I made a mistake here (as you can see in the photo) and made the eyes too far apart. As you draw, keep looking back up at your eyes and try to take note of it's shape. I also made Meena's eye outlines a little too angled, so pay attention to that too!

Then draw a rough outline of your eyebrow shapes above it. Don't worry if you make mistakes as you can clean it up later.

3. Fill the eyes white

Using the white highlighter and a small eyeshadow brush, fill in the eye shape outlines using a patting motion. I put on about 2 layers.

4. Eyelids and under eye

This might be different for you, depending on your eyes, but for Meena I drew a line for her top eyelid fold, and then I did a short line for her under eye. Keep to only about one third of the eye's length, starting from the inner corners. See the pink dotted lines above - I didn't take enough progress photos so this image is for guidance. Make sure the lines are 'reflected' (opposite) When doing this on the left eye.

Using a button bud with gentle tiny strokes, smudge the eyelid line downwards - try not to over do it as it can look too smudged. Do the same for the under eye line, smudging it a tiny bit downwards. This smudging makes the lines look like they have some shading and appear more realistic.

5. Iris and pupils

Using the black pencil draw your iris outlines (only the sides) on. I focused on the side circular outline, making sure they are horizontally centered on the eye whites. I didn't need to draw the top or bottom outline of the iris.

Shade the iris in with the pencil - it is important to make the colouring not too dark (note: it is easier with a blunt pencil).

Then using the black gel eyeliner and an small eyeliner brush, draw and fill in a smaller circle in the center of the pupil. Make sure to make this layer dark. I then shaded the bottom half of the iris, with the black pencil, to make an ombre effect with darkest being at the bottom (right image).

Then using the black gel eyeliner, outline the top line of your eye. Also outline the outer third of the bottom of your eye. See the red dotted lines on the left image, right image is how it should look after.

6. Eyebrows and eyelashes

Using the brown gel eyeliner and a thin brush, draw in the eyebrows with small strokes to make it look like hair. To clean up the rough eyebrow outline I used a cotton bud with Meena's foundation and dabbed over any visible lines.

Then use the black gel eyeliner and a thin brush to draw top and bottom eyelashes.

7. Lips

Using the brown eyebrow pencil, draw a rough outline of your lips on your chin. Then put on your lip colour - Meena used Models Prefer lipstick in shade Berlin on her lips.

Then using the same lipstick, fill in your lip outline. Using a lighter shade of the lipstick fill in the inner parts of the lips (we used Models Prefer lipstick in shade Marrakech for the lighter shade).

Draw a horizontal line through the middle using the dark brown gel eyeliner. Smudge this out slightly with a cotton bud. Draw a thin line again in the same place.

Finished Look

Smiling makes the double eyes pop :D!

Well I wish you all a happy Halloween, and I hope you have fun trying this Halloween double face makeup look.

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