Green Makeup Look for St. Patrick's Day

March 14, 2016 Amanda Koker Makeup Looks 0

Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

It's that time of year again. Time to get ready for St Patrick's day. If you're like me and you have Irish ancestors, then you'd understand that the day is more than just a day of alcohol and getting dressed up. Today I thought I'd show you a makeup look for St. Patties day that is subtle enough to wear during the day, and can be worn at night with a few touch ups.

We all know the old rule that says: “if you have blue eyes, don't wear blue eyeshadow", or, "if you have green eyes, don't wear green eyeshadow." BUT, on St Patty's day, EVERYONE has the right to wear green eyeshadow. Since I have blue green eyes, I don't pay much heed to rules either way, because I can pull it off, and so can anyone with this look.

Whenever I think of St Patrick's day, I think of a green elf, a four leaf clover, and a pot of gold. So the colours we will be focusing on today are green and gold, and luckily they go well with any eye colour (yes, even green).

Our focal point for this look will definitely be the eyes. I start with an eyeshadow primer or a cream eyeshadow. This will help make the powder eyeshadow adhere to the eye lids for longer and it also makes the colours more vibrant. My cream eyeshadow of choice is MAC Paintpot in Bare Study. It is a light golden cream and it will match today's look perfectly. I go ahead and apply that with my fingertips all over my eyelid. I then apply MAC Swimming on the outer two thirds of the lid, with MAC Amber Lights in the inner third of the lid. Next, I apply MAC Humid on the crease using a 217 brush and blend it with a 239 blending brush.

MAC Swimming is a golden lime green eyeshadow with a lustre finish. (Flash on the left, no flash on the right.)

MAC Humid is golden, bottle green with a frost finish.

MAC Amber Lights is coppery gold with a frost finish.

The gold in the inner third of the lids counteracts any green or hazel specks in the eye, and therefore, it is possible for green eyed beauties to pull off this look with ease.

For an evening look, you could add a winged liner like MAC Black Track. I have chosen not to wear a winged liner for this look, due to the fact that my eyelids are slightly hooded and it will hide most of the eyeshadow. Instead, I put a pencil liner on the waterline and finish it off with my favourite mascara.

I then go ahead and fill in my brows. I have dark blonde to light brown hair so my eyebrow colour of choice is MAC Satin Taupe.

Next, I apply MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation using a Beauty Blender (get it here or look at Beauty Blender dupes). This particular foundation is great for taking pictures, since it won't reflect any light and is available in a great variety of skin tones to match anyone's needs.

For my cheeks I wanted something with gold undertones without being too over the top. I used Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in #7 Rose Sugar Macaron. I applied it to the apples of my cheeks using my Real Techniques Blush Brush.

Get Rose Sugar Macaron here.

For my lips I wanted to use something nude and neutral so that my eyes could still be the focal point of the overall look. My go to nude lipstick is OCC Liptar in Ophelia. (Of course, every skin tone needs a different nude, so unless you're extremely fair and cool toned, this one might not be for you.)

Here is the final look:

Have a safe one, guys. Don't drink and drive.


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