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June 10, 2015 Meenakshi Dupe Up Updates 0


With a growing community we’re constantly adapting and improving Dupe Up to make it smoother and more fun for you lovely people. As such, we have new features that we’re excited to share with you!

I have something to say and I want to say it *now*

Quick Reviews

Our new review system let’s you quickly and easily rate and review dupes. What’s more, you can upload a swatch photo of the dupe and the original product to let everybody see how they compare. How cool is that?

Consequently, you can now dig deeper than just the marketing picture and find really good makeup dupes by looking at real photos by real people!

I want that.

Buy Now

Once the reviews and swatches have convinced you, you can instantly add the dupe to your makeup collection with our handy "Buy Now" feature. No more searching and stressing over the right makeup reseller, worrying about stock, etc. We’ve done all of that for you :)

What even is this dupe you speak of

New Search Layout

Here’s a convenient new feature - search for which products have dupes and which products are dupes for other products! Wait, what?

Okay okay, step by step. So earlier you could type in a product name, say, MAC Snob Lipstick, click on it, and you would see all of its dupes. This is very handy if you really like a product but you don’t want to spend that much so you’re looking for a dupe, OR you know a really good dupe for a product and want to post it.

But, what if you wanted to reverse search? Like, if you know a cool dupe and you want to leave a review for it. Or if you know of a dupe for one product but you think it might be close to another product too so you search for it and see if anyone else has had the same idea. OR you want to investigate the complex product-dupe-product chains just for kicks.

Well, you can do all of the above now on Dupe Up, and more!

Ooo what does THIS button do?

New Request / Suggest buttons

We’ve found new ways for you to insert things into us.

No, wait, not like that.

New ways to post your brilliant new dupe discoveries or ask the community for dupes!


So earlier you could only suggest dupes for products that were already listed. Now you can add a new product and its dupe all at once! In fact, if you try using this all-in-one form to suggest a dupe for a product that is already listed, it will automagically redirect you to the existing product where you can suggest the dupe.

Alrighty, guys, that’s all for now. Remember, we’re open to feedback and suggestions so please let us know if you’d like any new features or if you find a bug (gasp!)

Are you pleased? Do you like or dislike any of these new features? Let us know in the comments below!

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