Makeup hack to conceal dark circles like a pro

September 12, 2016 Amanda Koker Makeup Tips & Hacks 2

Today I'm going to share a few tips that I use to conceal like a pro ;) even though I am not a pro at all.

Because I have a lighter shade of pale (isn’t there a song about that?) thin skin that tends to bruise easily, I have permanent dark circles under my eyes. I’ve tried to remedy them by eating well and getting good sleep, which really is the lifestyle I live anyway, but regardless I always look like I’m either sick or tired.

I’ve tried some of the best concealers, but with my oily skin there isn’t any way in which I could set it without it caking and emphasising my wrinkles and just looking terrible. I remember rolling my eyes when I saw a colourful concealer palette by MUFE. I couldn’t imagine how that could look natural in any possible way but then I found a youtube channel where the person used different colours of lipstick to conceal dark circles, and that got me thinking. If you’ve ever had any form of fake blond colour put into your hair, you’d probably know that using violet shampoo turns the orange to a more blonde. I thought if that concept works, then the bright coloured concealers or lipsticks should work too.

So I did some research, tried it and it works like a dream! Here is what I’ve found: colours that are opposite to each other on the colour wheel, neutralise or cancel each other out.

As you can see, blue and orange fall on opposite sides, and so do red and green. If you are cool toned like me, you’ll bruise in blues and purples, and your dark circles will be blue as well. You’ll need a bright orange lipstick or cream blush. I have been using MAC Sounds Like Noise, which is a very bright matte lipstick. It is a limited edition, but you could use any bright orange lipstick in your collection.

How I conceal my under eyes

1. Apply the orange lipstick in a half moon shape under the eye, directly on the dark circles using the tip of a regular sized beauty blender.

2. Apply your concealer over that in two large triangular shapes with a concealer brush, or with the doe foot applicator of the concealer. Make sure to cover much more than just the dark circle area. You'll need to take your beauty blender and blend that as much as possible.

3. Apply your foundation as usual, preferably with either a stippling brush or a beauty blender as well.

Here are the before and after pictures of covering my dark circles and a bruise caused by scratching:

I hope that you find this makeup hack helpful!

Love Amanda

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Comments ( 2 )

jhall08 September 12, 2016 08:09 p.m.

Hi! I hope my comment and question reaches you Amanda; as I have the very same problem with concealing.
Did you use a fair amount of the orange lipstick? When you speak of half moons, are you speaking of true half circles? This sounds like such an ingenious way to cover dark circles and a way to eliminate the tendency of concealer to want to hide in the tiny fine lines of the undereye area. One last question; what type of concealer do you prefer? Thanks loads!

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AmandaKoker September 12, 2016 08:09 p.m.

Hello. Thank you for question! Yes, I use a fair amount because my dark circles are very intense and my skin is very fair. In saying that, I try and stay a little bit away from the waterline just incase the lipstick product ends up in the eyes and causes adverse reactions. So it really depends on how dark the circles are. I try to cover more than just the dark circle, in a half circle shape, and then I apple the concealer in a larger triangle over that. I prefer liquid concealers, which can creap into the creases, unfortunately, but I find that if I apply a proper foundation of that, it doesn't give me much hassle. Also try and avoid rubbing the eyes in that are, which is hard I know.

Something that also helps me is to drink more water on a daily basis. It helps to not have to deal with eye bags on top of the panda eyes. :) I hope that answers your question. xox

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