Benefit Benetint Dupe Review

February 03, 2015 Lucy Dupe Reviews 0

Benefit Benetint Dupe Review

I’ve been a dedicated lip tint fan ever since discovering them during a holiday in New York. At the time Benefit’s cheek and lip stains were the current hype on makeup blogs and Youtube. Being an Australian meant that the price for these tints were much more back at home ($55 AUD) while Sephora had them for $30 USD. So during a trip with friends to Sephora, I bought all three shades of Benefit tints.

I love using lip tints due to their ability to stay on after eating or drinking - you won’t have to reapply as you do with a lipstick. Cuts down your touch up need and time.

Today I’ll show you my favourite dupe for Benefit Benetint - Tony Moly Tony Tint in Cherry Pink. I received this as a sample from a Tony Moly purchase. I love how korean make up brands are pretty generous with their samples.

I would rate the overall dupe’s similarity 4.5 out of 5. For dupe’s shade similarity? A 5 out of 5.

Benefit Benetint Dupe Lip swatch

Get the Tony Moly dupe here.

The top lip has Tony Tint in Cherry Pink while the bottom lip is Benefit Benetint. The shades are exactly the same. The only difference is the Benefit’s Benetint is applied twice, whereas Tony Tint Cherry Pink was applied once.

Benefit Benetint vs Tony Tint Swatch

As you can see in the swatches, Benefit’s Benetint is quite sheer, meaning you can build up more layers to a desired shade. This is great if you prefer a light tint but I think you can achieve the same control with Tony Tint. Because Benefit uses a thin brush it does not pick up much product. The Tony Tint has a sponge applicator, which picks up much more product. So if you want, you could use a different brush to apply sheerly with Tony Tint and still be able to control the shade. Or just dab some off with tissue after application.

The only reason why I gave the overall dupe similarity a 4.5 out of 5 is because of the smell. Benefit’s Benetint has an okay smell, hard to describe, but the Tony Tint has a strong odd smell. It’s not unbearable, but the smell is definitely different to the Benetint. As for the ability to stay on after eating/drinking, both are awesome and will not budge.

Personally I’ve been using the Tony tint in Cherry Pink much more often, since it’s packaging is much smaller to carry around in my make up bag. If you are looking for a Benefint Benetint I would highly recommend Tony Moly’s Tony Tint in Cherry Pink. It only costs less than ~$10 USD and you would save so much more money. If I had known about this dupe earlier I would not have purchased the Benefit’s benetint.

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