7 MAC lipsticks for Fair skin

November 07, 2016 Amanda Koker Makeup Tips & Hacks 0

Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

Today I'm going to share some of my favourite MAC lipsticks. They are not strictly for fair skin, but they work really well with my NW 15 skintone.

In order of light to dark:

1. MAC Lip Blossom

MAC Lip Blossom was originally an Asia-only release, but soon after, they put it on their permanent international list. Yay! MAC describes it as a shimmery pink, and I guess this depends on your skin tone and lip colour, but I think it's more of a peachy pink with gold shimmer. It comes with the well loved Lustre finish that is known for being not too creamy but not too drying either. This is by far my most used lipstick from MAC, and I'm about to hit pan on it BUT now I don't have to worry about not being able to replace it because it's not a limited edition any more!!!

2. MAC Lady Bug

I had an obsession with lady bugs when I was a kid and I knew right away that I would have to get this one because of the name. Luckily the colour lives up to the awesome name as well! In the tube it looks like another pin up red, but when applied it looks more like a sheer burnt orange colour, like a fresh tomato, and it comes with a Lustre finish. MAC also describes it as a yellow tomato, and I'd say they've nailed it. It's beautiful for the summer and the fall and works well with most skin tones.

3. MAC Red

MAC Red has been a cult favourite in the beauty circles for years now, and everyone and their mothers have been absolutely raving about it! I'm not holding back either and here's why: Mac Red is a perfect red lipstick for all skintones. It's not too dark, not too bright and it's not drying like Ruby Woo because it comes with a satin finish. If you're someone who has always wanted a red lipstick but you're afraid of it drying out your lips or bleeding or just looking terrible, this is the one for you. It's also great for making tea stained teeth look whiter, and if you don't have a very distinctive lip line, like myself, I'd recommend applying a lip liner like MAC Cherry as the first layer.

I didn't apply my lipliner for this shot and as you can see, it can look a bit smudgy around the cupid's bow.

4. MAC Impassioned

Impassioned is another cult favourite and I believe it is because it's the perfect coral for summer and it's universal enough to match most skin tones, regardless of your hair colour. MAC refers to it as an amped up Fuchsia with an amplified finish. It's not the regular bright pink, because it has just a touch of orangey undertones. It is quite scary in the tube because it looks really bright, but once applied, it's just beautiful!

5. MAC Lickable

MAC describes lickable as a bright clean blue pink. I agree. I have cooler undertones and usually a bright pink would just not work well for me, but this one is perfect! It's also ridiculously smooth and it doesn't cause my chapped lips to chap any more. Although, I would recommend a lip scrub before application because it can emphasise any dry patches, and we don't want that now, do we? ;) Don't be afraid to rock this one. It's bold and beautiful, but so are you, darling! Every girl deserves a pink lipstick!!

6. MAC Plumful

Now for a more natural looking nude colour, with just a touch of purple: Plumful is perfect if you've just started wearing lipstick and you want something that's like your own lip colour but better. I struggle with anemia and my lips often look very pale, but with just one layer of Plumful, I can look much healthier and feel much better about my appearance. MAC describes it as a blossoming-rose plum and I must say it's not a bad description, since the colour is kind of hard to put in words.

And last but not least...

7. MAC Heroine

MAC calls Heroine a bright purple, and that's exactly what it is. It's great for rock concerts or eccentric souls like myself. Purple is my favourite colour and matte my favourite finish, so I knew right off the bat that I needed this one. Lorde (the singer) recently collaborated with MAC to create a lipstick called Pure Heroine and it's literally just a slightly darker version of the original Heroine. I'm glad she did that because it brought my attention to this glorious lipstick! I've had people comment that it's too bright to wear to work or to church, or that it's a sexually frustrated colour, but in reality they are just jealous of the amount of awesomeness that Heroine is on a fair girl's lips! #dropsmic

There you have it, beauties. I hope that you found this helpful and that you've at least found one more item to add to your wish list. I'll be adding some love to my collection soon, so keep your eyes peeled for some more reviews.

Lots of love


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