6 Holiday Makeup Sets to gift this Christmas

December 18, 2016 Lucy Makeup Tips & Hacks 0

Are you ready to go all out on spoiling your loved ones? Do you have that one friend that loves makeup but have no clue on what to get them? Here's a list of holiday make up sets/collections I've put together to help you out.

1. Kylie Cosmetics - Holiday Box Limited Edition

This pricey limited edition box has frees shipping world wide and is limited to 2 per customer, available from Kylie Cosmetics for $290 USD. It includes: 8 matte liquid lipsticks, 2 glosses, 1 Kyshadow holiday palette and 3 creme shadows - phew that is a lot of makeup! This makes the perfect Christmas gift for those who are obsessed with Kylie Jenner.

2. Kat Von D - Everlasting Mini Liquid Lipstick Set

If the Kylie Holiday Box was too extreme perhaps this mini liquid lipstick set would be better for that liquid lipstick lover. The everlasting liquid lipsticks are Kat Von D's best lipstick seller, and are well known for their long-lasting coverage. This set is a great gift set with 8 shades for variety: Plath (deep russet red), Santa Sangre (poison apple), Mother (dusty mauve pink), Lovesick (mauve nude), Backstage Bambi (vivid hot pink), L.U.V. (rich violet), New! Roxy (bright grape), Echo (satin navy blue).

Available at Sephora, $49 USD.

3. Coastal Scents - Luxury Beauty Collection Makeup Set

Coastal Scents is known for their high pigmented quality eyeshadows. This beautiful packaged set includes: 88 eye shadows, 10 blush and bronzer shades, 22 brushes and a brush carrying case. This set will make an awesome Christmas gift for those that love creating new eye looks!

Available at Amazon, $49.95 USD. Also possible to get in 'Glamour' ($19.95 USD) and 'Smoky' ($102.88 USD).

4. Too Faced - Let it Glow Highlight and Blush Kit

This is a great gift for that friend obsessed with highlighing! Let your friend glow with this set including: a deluxe Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder Duo in Rosy Glow, deluxe Love Flush 16-Hour Blush in Love Hangover, deluxe Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer, and an adorable heart-shaped flatbuki brush.

Available at Sephora, $25 USD.

5. DRQ - Pro Cosmetic-32pc Studio Pro Makeup Cosmetic Brush Set Kit

Is your loved one obsessed with makeup and pink? This gorgeous pink brush set will be the perfect gift. It includes 32 brushes (from foundation, eye, eyebrow, concealer, etc) and an adorable pink pouch to keep them in.

Available at Amazon, currently on sale for $16.99 USD.

6. L.A Girl - Matte Pigment Lip Gloss 16 Colors Full Set

Another sweet matte lip set! This set includes 16 beautiful shades for your girl to try different looks.

Available at Amazon, currently on sale for 38.82 USD.

If you're still unsure on your makeup Christmas present check out our post 6 Christmas Gift Ideas for Makeup Lovers.

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