6 Christmas Gift Ideas for Makeup Lovers

December 19, 2015 Lucy Makeup Tips & Hacks 0

Have you *almost* finished your Christmas shopping? Are you stuck on what to get that one friend or special loved one, who is a mad makeup lover and seems to own way too many beauty products? Not a super makeup expert yourself but want to get them something they will absolutely love?

Stop worrying and keep on reading! I put together this list to help you pick a Christmas gift for that special makeup obsessed lover of yours.

1. Lip Kit by Kylie Dupes

The most recently popular and trending release - Kylie Jenner's lip kits. Best to check if your makeup obsessed friend/or lover already owns this however those lip kits sold out within minutes (and again during the restock on Dec 14th) and chances are your friend has been complaining about missing out.

Unsure about which colour? Just get the dupe for one of each colour and wrap it up to make your own special lip dupe kit.

Get Candy K dupe here, Dolce K dupe here & True Brown dupe here. Or check out our lip kit dupe blog post to see more alternatives.

2. The Beauty Blender or Real Techniques Dupe

Every makeup lover appreciates a spare foundation applicator/tool. The beauty blender is great for those who have not tried it yet or already use it! Since these do not last a lifetime and require a change every 6 months, your makeup lover will definitely use this. It's great for applying that flawless face, I personally love the dupe by Real Techniques.

Get the Beauty Blender here or the Real techniques dupe here.

3. Lipstick Organizer

Does your friend have way too many lip colors? Do they always have a a few spares in their bag, lying around the bathroom and car? If you think it's time they organise their ridiculous collection this will be perfect gift.

Get the 24 lipstick organizer ($14.89 on sale) here, 41 lipstick organizer here ($15.99 on sale) or this tower for the hardcore lipstick lover - holds 81 lipsticks ($99.99) here.

4. iPhone Case Cover

Is your friend an Urban Decay Naked fan? This cute iPhone 6 case will make them smile :)

Get Naked case here or makeup pattern case here.

5. OPI Mini All Stars 2015 Nail Lacquer Set

This mini set of 10 nail colors is a lovely safe gift for any beauty lover.

Get it here.

6. Sephora Gift Card

Still stumped and tight on time? A Sephora Gift Card is an awesome present for ANY makeup obsessed lover. Let your special one go on a guilt free shopping spree at Sephora. They'll love you for it.

Get it here.

I hope this blog post has helped you or at least inspired you with more ideas. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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